Another year, another Call of Duty game. With Infinity Ward raising the
bar with CoD4: Modern Warfare, it was a hard sell to most people that
the next iteration in the series would not only be set back in World
War 2, but not helmed by Infinity Ward, but another Activision-owned
developer, Treyarch; who were responsible for the two CoD console games
prior to the release of the Xbox 360, as well as Call of Duty 3, which
has often been cruelly and unfortunately shunted.

Let's see how their latest effort fairs:

Treyarch and Activision logos are set to footage of WW2
destruction...soundtracked by Mozart's Dies Irae? Dear god, I'm getting
Clockwork Orange flashbacks. And since when did Activision let Treyarch
take top billing?
*Wow. This main menu looks oddly familiar. Like a
certain game released around the same time last year and was a huge
hit...wait a minute! Isn't this the game that uses the same engine that
powered that really popular game that wasr released around the same
time last year?
*(in options menu) There's an option to turn down the violence? Am I sure I picked up the right game?
starting new game) And I'm being told that this game does have graphic
violence? Well it's a WAR GAME, it's not like there's going to be
plenty of scenes of the Americans and the Japanese playing cricket, now
is there?
*(during opening cinematics). Is it acceptable to say that
despite the violent footage being shown...that this actually looks
really cool?
*(within first five minutes of the game actually
starting) I don't know if I approve of this whole darker and edgier CoD
game. I mean, a dude getting a cigarette in his eye, then his throat
slit, then another dude getting stabbed...and F bombs dropped? Good
lord - talk about appealing to your fans...
*(when told to save a
soldier named Ryan, but failed) Bloody hell, I TRIED KEIFER SUTHERLAND,
I REALLY TRIE..wait, I had to Save Private Ryan? Heh.
*(while checking Trophies) THERE WAS A TROPHY FOR SAVING PRIVATE RYAN? (immiedately retries level)
*(after completing first level) I got a Silver Trophy for just beating the first level? Wow.
*I never would've thought I'd say this, BUT STOP BLOODY SWEARING GAME. It doesn't suit you at all.
*(while explosions go off, limbs fly off and people scream). The horror....the horror....
an hour of playing) I have how many levels left? Sweet jesus (NOTE:
Playing on the easiest difficulty might have been the problem).
*Wow. If I wasn't going for a trophy, this level would have literally taken me ten minutes to beat. My god.
*(when a heavy metal-esque riff starts playing) ...What.
a tick...the last mission of the Eastern Front campaign is to capture
the Reichstag? I can distinctly remember that being last mission you
play at the END of the original Call of Duty! (plays through
mission)...and I didn't even get to see the dude I played as! That was
*(After dying) What, no War quotes Treyarch? Come on...
*(after getting killed by a Grenade) I see Grenade Spam 07 is back in fashion (sighs)
stabbed). So these guys are supposed to represent the tricky to kill
dogs from CoD4 huh? Lame.
*(dogs show up)...That point is moot then.
*The Russians were really never THAT psychotic and violent...where they?
the story here? There's no real link between these campaigns..hell, the
ORIGINAL Call of Duty had links between these campaigns.

yeah...that's World at War in a nutshell. It's not the best CoD game,
but it's certainly far from the worst. The way that the each nation is
portrayed is somewhat questionable, with the Russians being treated as
psychotic monsters whom want to murder every single German. The best
thing about the game is the way the action is portrayed - it's brutal
and what not, which does set it apart from other WW2 games, but at the
same time, there are elements that seem unnecessary, such as the
swearing. And it's short. REAL short. But I guess the MP makes up for

Posted by darthhomer Wed, 21 Jan 2009 05:33:28 (comments: 2)
Wed, 21 Jan 2009 17:06:36

Kiefer is SO annoying in this game. "Get up! Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Do It! Dooo it!"


I think it took about 6-7 hrs to beat, but I replayed it twice. I enjoyed it, the grenade instant death is the biggest joke about the whole thing. Otherwise it was fun. I liked the russian story, about revenge and retribution. I dont think they were portrayed badly. They wanted justice, bloody justice.

Wed, 21 Jan 2009 19:37:21
Well you would be pissed too if they killed 20 million of your countrymen. 
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