After wandering for over two years in the wasteland, and after looking across and away from the vast desert and the vast Blue Ocean to constantly witness how much greener the grass was on the other side, I have, after numerous fits and starts, finally resolved to relocate, and have effectively committed to it. No, I shall not be a resident of both regions, sorry to say, for in doing so, friendships and alliances on both sides would become strained. This desert and this plain through me shall not mix, though it be possible, as others before me have shown.

This person, to whom it is no simple task to cease with favored endeavors--has done the improbable: he has quit the Revolution, and he is off to join the ranks of the Evil Green Empire--enlistment occurs this summer. In this decision lie happiness and contentedness, though elven swordsmen be absent and there are no plumbers to plumb, nor are there assortments of rowdy personalities of old to do battle amongst each other. May the desert one day flourish with life and become as green as the ocean is blue. But until that day comes, prosperity is only to be had as a citizen of one of the two great empires, and I have decided to which I wish to belong.

Live long and bear fruit, Revolution. Perhaps I shall join in once more someday. But should you expire without having fought the good fight, I shall not forgive you--instead, your memory shall perish utterly.

As a last act from me to thee, I give to my most beloved friend the power I once wielded over you. May you find success in his care.
Posted by Angry_Beaver Thu, 16 Apr 2009 04:12:28 (comments: 22)
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Tue, 21 Apr 2009 10:52:58

There are  ton of great games coming, I mean even something like Little Kings story which is getting 9/10 reviews.

I guess your taste just differs. FFCC, Monster Hunter 3 etc. The support has increased a lot. Even games like madworld and HOTD Overkill are excellent titles.

Nintendo is going to show off their next round of big games at E3 I think, they are cylical with their big franchises. You're lucky that you have a friend, or that Raven has a sister who can sort of lend you the system when your needs desire it.

Sat, 25 Apr 2009 20:09:45
Good luck with the 360 (yeah I know I'm late, piss off).  I've actually considered the same thing - trading in my Wii for a 360.  I decided against it though, and I think its for the better for me.  Too much promising WiiWare, plus my beloved Harvest Moon series (and spin-offs) are unofficial exclusives to Nintendo so despite the droughts I'll be happier with a Wii. But lord knows when I look at BioShock 1 & 2, GTA IV and its new expansion pack, and of course SF IV I certainly start to have second thoughts.
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