Xenoblade, but not as you know it
Wii U9.30
Overall 9.30
I'm only doing a review because no one else has and some people may be interested. So this is half assed and short.

XCX is a similar game to Xenoblade Wii except that the story portion of the game is only about 30 hours long, maybe less. The game is basically about exploration, you have landed on a new planet and you need to chart and explore for the sake of humanity finding a way to live on this new planet. It plays a lot like Xenoblade Wii, the battle system is basically the same. But this time you to ride about in super cool transforming mechs and even fly.

It's completely open world and really cool, a hell of a lot of fun. The movement controls are so awesome compared to XWii and you can platform about making incredible jumps.

There are no sticking points like Lorathia either, everything runs smooth. There are lots of bits of XCX you probably wont understand at first, but which become second nature after a while when it clicks. Nearly every problem I had with the game was addressable and overcome with systems within the game itself. It's pretty amazing how smooth everything it, every aspect of the game, the map, the transitions, everything is silky smooth.

The graphics are great, but once again they are built for scale, so if you zoom in and look at the characters its not that great. Viewed at the proper scale it can look stunning, with amazing skies and landscapes.

Only real problem with the game is the gathering missons which have no direction indicators. Those suck, you have to use the internet.

I played this game to completion at 220 hrs and honestly wished I could have played even more. That's a great feat.
Posted by gamingeek Tue, 05 Apr 2016 11:01:26
Tue, 05 Apr 2016 14:07:41
Ok well we need more detail here. Combat is the same, really? Are all the quests the same bullshit from the first game?
Tue, 05 Apr 2016 21:51:41
But how can this game be worth playing without those Wiimote controls? I need waggle!
Wed, 06 Apr 2016 17:18:33
Combat is probably easier, you sync up with soul voices, essentially you select the same colour art as what is called out and you get healed by it. The aim is to keep up the rhythm, keep healing.

Quests are more varied yes, but most still rely on you going to point A, watching cutscene, then either killing something or finding something and returning back to base.

There are bases, to invade and even some to sneak about in. There is a stealth and platformer element to the game with the enhanced controls. You can stealth about bases and avoid powerful enemies and climb a lot of stuff.

EDGE, there was no waggle in Wii Xeno either. Damn you.
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