Overall 8.90
It only took me like 10 years but I finally got around to playing this classic. I am a fan of turn based strategy games but I do love my real time action, well this game sort of mixes both to great results. By allowing full control of characters movements through the battle field the battles feel more natural, I can position my pieces in any way. I can hug walls, get into weird angles a preset path couldn't otherwise replicate. You can position tanks anyway you want to create cover for regular soldiers. This freedom really makes this turn based gameplay feel different from others in the genre.

Now you can aim but it's mostly a formality, it's still all governed by stats and dice rolls as a strategy game needs to be but it's far more forgiving than xcom ridiculous 90% chance misses. Still even though I am not really in control of my accuracy it feels great to get a sniper zoom in and headshot that enemy across the map. There are five infantry types and they all have a specific role, managing these roles in battle is paramount to victory. I only wish there were more varied new skills to learn, yes you get a new weapon type mid way for each class but the same strategies you use at the start of the game are pretty much the same you use in the end.

The leveling up system is very basic, almost linear in nature where all you are doing is raising the stats of each gun and armor, there is only one choice per class to make mid way through the skill tree. The entire management portion of this game is very underdeveloped, all the leveling is straightforward, no real choices to be made. There is permadeath to certain characters but it's so easy to prevent that from happening thatit feels like a throw away feature. Plus every class levels up, not individual characters so it doesn't matter if someone dies, just replace them with someone who has the same stats (minus a few perks but it's not a big deal). Everyone is named and has a small story to them so there is no customizing of the squad which I normally love to do.

The point of VC is not management, it's more of a straightforward story driven almost action game version of the TBS genre. The reason why this game works, why it's special is the incredible variety and level design of its missions. There are about 20 main missions total and each present a new location, new obstacles to over come. Some have boss battles with super tanks, a giant train, or even super powered supervillains. These missions always surprise, always had me switching tactics and having to learn how to best approach each mission. It's the complete opposite of a random generated strategy game and it shows. Between each mission you are treated to a surpirisngly great anime like story filled with so many Japanese tropes but it wears its heart on its sleeve so somehow it all works great. i got attached to the heroes, I hated the villains, I was into all the twists and turns. I loved the super tanks, the crazy super powers, it's all absurd in the best ways.

VC still looks great as it uses cell shading to create this anime story book look. The game has a great soundtrack, good voice acting, and is super meaty taking well over 30 hours. Where it really lacks in a management metagame it makes up for it with its incredible mission variety and fun unique battle style. Honestly this is a strategy game for anyone, it doesn't have any of the real heavy planning and danger of screwing yourself over with management. It's like an action game, start from the beginning, play level after level, fight bosses, level up naturally and each mission is really it's own thing. So I don't care if you never play strategy games, this one is worth trying out.

Posted by Dvader Tue, 25 Jul 2017 16:11:15
Fri, 28 Jul 2017 17:40:28
I thought you played this on PS3. I remember.
Fri, 28 Jul 2017 18:55:10
I owned it, never played it outside a demo
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