PlayStation 49.20
Overall 9.20
Uncharted the Lost Legacy is a major stand alone expansion that might as well be called Ucharted 5. Its the first game to not Star Nathan Drake, instead you are Chloe and are joined by the bitch from Uncharted 4 who gets some nice character depth here. It is Uncharted 4, there are practically no new mechanics, it's just U4 with a new story, new locations and new setpieces. Still it's about 8 hours long, the length of the first game, and U4 is pretty damn fantastic so more U4 is not a bad thing just don't go expecting the same giant adventure you get from the main game.

The Lost Legacy is more compact so it flows a little better than U4's awful pacing. Still compared to the PS3 games TLL still has way too much down time. At least in U4 I loved the story, loved the characters, it had years of build up between Drake and Elena. Here you get two characters that are not as interesting. They do a decent job with them, there are heart felt moments, funny moments but it's not the same as Drake and company. Also how many times is some international warlord with a private army going to go after some hidden city, it's getting ridiculous. So it's basically the same plot over again.

Setpiece wise TLL has some incredible ones, with one better than anything in u4. It also feels like Uncharted greatest hits taking ideas and moments from past Uncharted games and redoing them.when this game is on it's fantastic, just like U4, but there are not that many moments, not compared to 2 and 3.

This would have been a very safe sequel if it wasn't for the incredible chapter 4 which is a glimpse into where this series could head into next. It takes the open area introduced in Madagascar in U4 and makes it interesting. I spent over 3 hours exploring this area which is filled with combat moments and optional puzzles. The area has a special treasure you can unlock if you find 11 medallions and each of these have some puzzle or trial to get them, all optional. These are by far the greatest puzzles in uncharted history, good puzzles, zelda worthy puzzles. My mind was blown, I was getting that perfect mix of action, exploration and puzzle solving I love in an Uncharted game. The game area was the perfect size too, so packed with stuff to do. The trials have great variety with not one repeating twice. If this was the whole game it would easily be my game of the year.

Outside of that chapter it's all basic uncharted; same boring auto platforming segments. The last few chapters go back to brain dead time wasting puzzles (besides one good one), and some walking simulator moments. This is mixed in with some fantastic designed combat areas which are as good as anything in U4.

The game does end on the best final chapter setpiece of the series. Spoiler alert, just skip to the next paragraph if you don't want to know what it is. So we get the return of the train, the most famous and greatest ucharted setpiece ever. I don't think it's as good as the one in U2 which was a perfect hour long setpiece that made use of every single mechanic and paced perfectly. This one is shorter but it does use every mechanic including jumping into vehicles and obviously the graphics make it one hell of a spectacle. But there are annoying bikes that are on the sides of the train that can hit you from anywhere that are not fun to fight. It felt a bit messy from an enemy placement standpoint. Still it's one of the best endings to a game this gen.

Visually this game should be in a museum, the art designers all need raises, they are doing work that puts other devs to shame. I was in awe of every new location, a good hour of my time spent in this game was from going into photo mode and taking pictures. And they did this in a year, holy shit how is that possible. Voice acting is all good, the facial mocap is not as good probably cause they didn't have the time like in U4. Still for an "expansion" its exteremelg impressive to get something so beautiful, well made and meaty.

The Lost Legacy is well worth $40. I don't think it's as good as U4 as a whole but the highs of TLL are better. It also gave me my favorite three hours of gaming this year, this is the future of the franchise, please! Or make your own zelda like game. Where did you find this puzzle designer, keep him, use him, fire everyone else! That one chapter alone (and the incredible set pieces) save this game from being a super safe expansion into one that is well worth the time and money.
Posted by Dvader Wed, 30 Aug 2017 19:14:44
Wed, 30 Aug 2017 21:58:17
I would be perfectly content if the Uncharted series has smaller adventures like this.  One game can focus on Sam and Sully.  Another can be about Chloe, etc.  I love this series.
Fri, 01 Sep 2017 10:17:29
Must buy.
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