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Overall 5.50
Well that escalated quickly... the controversy over this game exploded to the point where EA is losing $3 billion shares worth in the stock market. Having played the game there is no way around it, this was a pay to win game, but now with the pay part being shut down for some time it's grind like hell to win game. It still sucks either way, the F2P DNA is felt throughout every multiplayer mode and it makes rewards and progression be a crap shoot with slot like loot boxes. This is a shame cause somewhere in there is a quality Star Wars game.

Before I delve into multiplayer let's talk about the most important part of the game for me, the story mode! Play as the empire! Learn what transpired between ROTJ and TFA! An epic tale of betrayal and redemption! This game has as much character development as Rey's magical connection force gets in TFA. The whole play as the empire thing lasts like three missions and then inexplicably the heroes realize "OMG we are on the wrong side, I never knew the empire was bad!" Uhhh did the DEATH STAR not clue you in? If that wasn't enough how about them having ANOTHER ONE, maybe they thought the first one was poorly marketed and named, nope they doubled down on it with the Death Star II, even gave it Roman numerals to make it more official.

So the campaign is mostly chunks of multiplayer maps with whack a mole like enemies all over. Totally bland, almost nothing feels like it could be part of a campaign, might as well be bot battles. The few times they do try to make it cinematic are so surprising, oh I forgot this was a single player game that could have scripted moments. The developers know no one gives a flying fuck about JYn versio, Iden Irso? Wait why do the two new female Star Wars heros practically have the same name. Anyway, you play as heroes during every other mission, this would be fun if it actually felt like I'm playing my favorite characters. I finally get to see what Luke was up to in between movies!! Oh he is fighting waves and waves of bugs while an imperial side character works on hacking a door...bugs, just normal traditional boring bugs...

It's not without its good moments, basically any time you take off in a ship and do air battles. This is the closest thing we will get to a rogue squadron game for some time. But the failure is in a game where you have every type of Star Wars combat available and instead of creating something memorable, some uncharted like sequences and moments you just do standard "this is the tank section, this is the xwing section, this is the turret section" . The story also goes nowhere, after a massive time jump it just ends on a cliffhanger, I guess the ending will come later.

This game is about multiplayer though and it is an improvement over the last one. The classes add some strategy and new playstyles. I enjoy sniping at the start of a match while giant armies rush at each other. Then later when we get to closer defense mode switching to a heavy gunner. As you get kills or do objectives you get points which you spend when you die to spawn as heroes or vehicles. This is where it gets messy, the better you are the better the player you get to be. If you are awesome you will be able to become a Jedi or sith and be even more powerful. Or jump into an ATST, or fly an xwing. It used to be where the battlefield was realistic with ships and hero tokens on the battlefield for anyone to pick up, now only the best get to get even better.

Then there is the terrible leveling up system which makes the balance even worse. Leveling up a class has nothing to do with gaining xp and being good at that class. It's all random, you need to acquire a card which unlocks a new skill or buff, once you get five cards for on class that class levels up and allows you to attach more cards. So to level up a heavy you just need to pray that your stupid loot box gives you a card... instead you will get a Wookiee card or a y wing card. It's a total crap shoot. Plus these bonuses are not insignificant, I see stuff like gain 40% more health!!! Do 1.5x more damage! This is not a level playing field at all and goes way beyond having a better gun or a new skill.

This is a shame cause there are moments where the game works as intended. I'm running through endor and an AT-ST is walking beside me shooting rebel scum and an xwing drops a torpedo on the Walker, it's such a Star Wars moment. The game looks gorgeous, it plays well enough, and battles can be fun. It's why I am keeping the score on the positive side of the scale, there is a good game here and it has loads of content. Lots of maps, tons of vehicles and the hero cast is pretty damn cool.

Plus they really worked on the space battles to the point where air combat mode is my favorite. This now works like the main Battlefield mode where each map has multiple objectives that keep adding on when one side advances. These battles are just awesome, you can fly defense or offense on the objectives as a bomber, or just be the best fighter pilot and focus on clearing as many enemies as possible. I wish this got a little more refined and it could be rogue squadron, as it stands though it's a fun mode.

What I  still don't understand is the role of ships on the regular battle modes, the ships have no objectives and you fly so fast that you can't really do much with the battle below. I end up flying way up high then dive down shooting lasers at random spots on the map hoping to hit anything then pull up at the last moment, it's boring and terrible. This is Star Wars where many movies have three tier battles happening at the same time. Why isn't there a specific objective for the fighters in space while the ground guys are doing their thing? So many movies have this exact scenario.

Hero mode is stupid fun. The mode isn't serious, im pretty sure skill isn't all that important it's just a free for all crazy power battle with light sabers swinging and grenades throwing. I get a kick out of it, where else can you see Luke, yoda and Rey gang up on Darth Maul and Bossk, yes Bossk! How did Bossk make this cast?!  Where is Dengar?!

The game is still gorgeous graphically but does not wow like the first one did. The sound is top notch, it sounds just like Star Wars. I find it to be a well put together game, I didn't notice any real glitches or anything. There is the promise of free DLC coming so that's great and the only reason I still have it.

With the amount of content and improvements to class system this is a step forward from BF1. At least the tried a story mode, it kind of sucks but it's better than no story. The problem is that damn F2P model ruins any desire to keep playing and get better. Random Progression is not rewarding so why am I still playing? It's a shame cause there could be something reallygood with some tweaking but for now it's just something to scratch that Star Wars itch.
Posted by Dvader Thu, 30 Nov 2017 18:51:56
Fri, 01 Dec 2017 18:35:23
DICE are shit.
Wed, 06 Dec 2017 19:34:06
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