Should've stayed in line.
Platform Presentation Controls Variety Audio Depth Value & FunOVERALL
PlayStation 3 5.00 5.00 3.00 5.00 4.00 3.003.85
General Information
Played the PS3 version via HDMI. Online not tested, but reports suggest that no-one is playing the game on either PSN, Xbox Live or even on PC. Save games are also locked to the console.
Gameplay Description
Rogue Warrior is a FPS set in 1986. You play as Dick Marcinko, whom is attempting to avenge the death of his team (whom get killed as soon as they land in North Korea) and stopping the evil Communist threat.
Dedication Meter 2.00
Nothing too it. Very straight forward, and while there are a few control things you need to learn, it's otherwise not that big of a deal.
Presentation 5.00
Character models look decent, though Marcinko constantly looks like he's squinting. Levels are bland and mostly unexciting, with the odd occasional thing you can destroy.

The story is practically non-exsistant, as there's almost no reasoning as to why Dick is travelling to all these locations and killing Commies.

Controls 5.00
Controls are mostly responsive, even if they do seem a little weird in spots (R2 to shoot, and R1 for grenades). Sometimes the 'kill moves' don't work entirely, but this is a rare thing.
Variety 3.00
Levels are very simple and straight forward, and linear as all hell. There's eight, count 'em, eight in total.

The Kill Moves the game hypes are what saves it in this regard, as they actually do vary contextually as to where the enemy is. That being said, you'll constantly do the regular "standing" ones, because most enemies aren't near a particular
Audio 5.00
The music does a good job in getting you into the mood that the game wants to establish. The sound effects are also good.

Though the one area in this regard that is notable is the casting of actor Mickey Rourke as Dick Marcinko. Put simply, he fits the role well, even if he sounds bored for most of it. A large portion of the dialogue is filled with expletivies, including lines such as "goddamn cockbreath commie motherfuckers". Gets really old and repetitive fast.
Depth 4.00
Almost non-exsistant. Game is very straight forward, and some of the more interesting mechanics (such as the stealth and kill moves) aren't required to enjoy the game. They're also not very good.
Value & Fun 3.00
The game can be finished in less than three hours. There's also nothing additional to unlock, so replayability (unless you're after trophies/achievements) is minimal.
Overall 3.85
Reading up on the history of Marcinko, that would've made for a much better game than what we've got now. Boring, unoriginal, and just not fun in the slightest. Do yourself a favour and pick up one of the many other shooters on the PS3, or look up the end credits 'rap' on YouTube; and save yourself the time and money.
Posted by darthhomer Wed, 16 Dec 2009 00:42:22
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 03:08:26
Holy crap!  Somebody else used the advanced setting!
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 04:57:48
Yeah, thought I'd give it a shot. Not too bad.
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:39:06
Hmm, 3.85, so your review is the highest I've seen Grinning
Sun, 27 Dec 2009 10:38:42
For the life of me I can't even think of what game this is due to the generic title.
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