PlayStation 45.50
Overall 5.50
I understand Another World was a landmark PC game for cinematic storytelling and animation. That's all well and good, I still need a good game and this is just some thing you play for two hours, solve a puzzle or two, die a lot and finish. There is practically no depth what so ever to the gameplay. You get this laser gun that lets you make a shield and shoot super shots if you charge it which is used to fight other aliens in some awful combat.

But the game isn't about combat it's about trial and error puzzles. This is not a logic puzzle like a zelda game. This is mostly you bashing your head at the game trying shit until something works. Now I will saybthere are some clever puzzles but for one of those there is one that cheats the game rules. This is a game that wants the player to do a specific thing and if you don't do that even though it would seem logical that you could you die. Like a moment where you have to escape, as long as you run forward none of the million lasers shooting at you don't hit you. But any other time of the game those same lasers will always kill you, it breaks its own rules just to be cinematic.

This kind of game has come a long way, inside is like this but has far far better puzzles and controls way better. It's cool to experience this as a look at gaming history but nothing about it really holds up outside the cool cinematic moments of this alien world. The last twenty years minutes are pretty damn awesome but again gameplay wise you aren't doing much of anything. It's not bad it's just not really good either.
Posted by Dvader Tue, 27 Jun 2017 21:34:29
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 10:45:59
I remember playing the original. It looked awesome, the animation in particular was kind of mindblowing at the time. Kind of like how the original Donkey Kong Country was on SNES. The gameplay wasn't that great though.
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