So today I get on my PS3 at around 8 just to play for a little bit, so I get on Eden.  When I next check the clock its 11, I had no intention of playing three hours straight but I did, why, cause this game is evil. The Pixeljunk people cast a spell on me where I must play Eden, I must complete it fully or I won't rest. It was a breeze at the start, the first few levels you can get by in a few hours, put up awesome scores without much effort, but oh that stops.  The last few gardens in this game are made by the devil himself, its evil I tell you, EVIL!!

Do you know what its like to climb up a level, all the way up up up, after like 5 minutes of crazy manuvering and close calls you get to where you want to be but then one tiny slip up and down you go, then you try to catch something but somehow you miss everything on the way down to the bottom, you want to kill something, thats what it feels like! This game can be frustrating for sure but I don't want to stop playing because its still brilliant even though I feel like taking a hammer to my PS3 sometimes... I still love the game.

The truth is the later levels have ingenious design, gone is the hand holding.  Gone is the simple pattern of filling up seeds to get to a spectra in plain view, no now they are hidden or put in such a way that you will have to do some leap of faith or some time of web skill to get to them.  The stages become massive and filled with dangers, changing winds, enemies gallore, even mines. I plan to get all seeds in these levels and the last three levels have me wondering how I am going to pull it off. Its definetly not for everyone, only the strong will make it to the end.  I can tell this by the rankings, the drop off of people as the levels go on is amazing. The first garden everyone who bought it tried so you have a bunch of scores, but by the end only a few thousand remain.  I can understand that this game can be hard for some so they stop but at the same time I can see that some people didn't even play it for long, so why buy it?  Yes I am talking about you guys on my friend list and your pitiful scores, sorry for being blunt but don't you buy a game to play it? (I guess rag address this in his blog).

I guess on of the reasons I am hooked is cause I am pretty good at this game, I am the top ranked player on one of the levels, I am in the top 10 of many more.  Currently in total game score I am 11th and I have yet to finish the game, hell I could be the best Eden player in the world if I really try. Being so close to the top is a fun experience, it gives you a drive to push on, to do the best runs possible. Even though it can cause frustration, when I do a perfect run on a garden its a feeling of pure jubilation, I swear I have danced in front of my TV when I finished a level.

Anyway I still love this game, I love a challange and I love having a game reward you based on skill and this has both in an odd platforming package.  I can understand if this game doesn't do it for you and in a way you maybe better off than being dangerously hooked like I am. :P

Posted by Dvader Fri, 08 Aug 2008 05:26:57 (comments: 11)
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Mon, 11 Aug 2008 18:28:49
No it was me, check out last week updates, you interview was marked yellow by me!

Oh and there is the little thing of me calling you a traitor and suggesting to burn you like a witch. But he that's a small thing right WinkWink
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